A Word from Your Regional Minister

My dear Christian Church Capital Area Region,

Rev. Allen Harris, Regional Minister, standing behind a microphone and in front of a cross.We are in the midst of an unprecedented time in our history as our world grapples with the Novel Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic.

My heart goes out to you and all of our congregations, institutions,
clergy, and lay leaders as we have tried to lead faithfully and
hopefully while having no idea the true magnitude or length of this

I have not ceased to stop praying for you and for all who are affected
by this massive public health crisis and the extreme measures we are
asked to take by state and federal leaders to try to stem the spread of
this disease.
I want to assure you that your Regional leadership is working diligently on all aspects of this crisis:

  1. Prayer: I have assembled a team of seasoned pastors who are available if you need prayer or just someone to talk with during this uncertain time. E-mail me at: AHarris@cccadisciples.org I have also begun to reach out to our retired clergy and their spouses to make sure they have the support and connection they need during this time of physical distancing and lack of community gatherings.
  2. Meetings: All of our Regional meetings have been moved to online meetings and the Regional Offices are closed. Please contact your Director or Committee Chair to find out details on how to log on to your meeting.
  3. Technology: We hosted a webinar last Thursday with the Rev. Nathan Hill to talk about quick and easy ways for congregations to stay connected digitally and to offer on-line worship services. You can watch it here: https://zoom.us/rec/share/uZd5E4zK1WpOZtbr5UzidaEFHr7Keaa82idI_qdZnR4GmIAcosHJZ8CufQxh7lXn  More resources are available at our webpage listed below.
  4. Camp & Conference: The Outdoor Ministry Committee and the Commission For Camp & Conference are working on several levels:
    • We are evaluating carefully when and for how long to have our camp and conference center closed and what retreats, camps, and conferences need to be cancelled outright. We will be announcing our initial decision in the next 24-48 hours. Most likely this will need to be updated in the near future.
    • When our camp and conference center are eventually opened, we are working on how to ensure that they are sanitized and safe for all participants and that our staff, directors, and counselors are trained to maintain the health and safety of all who are in our care;
    • We are crafting a registration refund policy for retreats, camps, and conferences so that you can go ahead and register without worry that if the event is cancelled or you need to cancel for personal reasons, you can do so with confidence that your entire registration fee will be refunded.
  5. Congregational Support:
    The Commission for Congregational Life will consider at their meeting this Saturday a process to help congregations in crisis because of the pandemic with short term grants. We are also considering small technology grants and individual training for congregations that do not have any means for sharing worship digitally. More details will be known about this early next week.

These are just a few of the ways in which your Regional staff and leaders are working to address the public health crisis. Please check out our web page at http://www.cccadisciples.org/covid19-resources for updates and resources. Do not hesitate to reach out to either our Regional Office Manager, Aaron Belcher, at ABelcher@cccadisciples.org or to me, your Regional Minister, at AHarris@cccadisciples.org and know that you are always close to our hearts, on our minds, and in our prayers.

Faithfully Yours,